Bell & Ross Vintage BR V1-92 Military Series Leather Strap Machinal Movement Replica Watches

At Bell & Ross men’s replica watches, everything started with military roots. Their watches were, at the beginning, inspired by the needs of special forces and field action. Remember these pieces with military markings and a concept were driven mainly by their legibility and practicality. Then came the watch that would soon change the brand forever: the BR-01, the squared piece with a round dial, deeply inspired by dashboard instruments found in military planes. This is where B&R gained popularity and created its loyal community of collectors. However, the brand couldn’t stick to this unique inspiration only, and today we can find watches with links to race cars or pieces with highly technical spirit. And if this allowed the brand to grow and to attract new clients, it’s needless to say that the base community is all about the brand’s military DNA.

Bell & Ross replica watches UK.

Today, Bell & Ross machinal movement luxury fake watches have gone back to basics by presenting the Vintage BR V1-92 Military… It’s a simple, utilitarian and essential watch with all you could desire in a Bell & Ross watch, and a strong military inspiration. Fancy, no! Complex, no! Luxurious, certainly not! But don’t get me wrong, there are many details throughout this watch to steal your heart. First of all, and that’s the whole point of this BR V1-92, are its case and dimensions. You see, prior to the 2017 collection, the Vintage line up was quite large and rather sharp in design. However, with the new collection, not only the entire range has been redesigned, but we also saw the addition of an “entry-level”, simple and well-executed model.

Black dial Bell & Ross fake watches.

The Bell & Ross Vintage BR V1-92 Military replica watches are based on a 38.5mm case executed in stainless steel, with nothing more exotic than a satin-brushed finish and no fancy features. And guess what, this clean, almost minimalistic approach simply works here. The restrained dimensions, the thin bezel combined with a highly domed sapphire crystal, the utilitarian look… everything recalls antique (think WWII) military watches, such as those from the dirty dozen. The relatively small crown and the combination here with a dark brown leather strap, slightly aged, makes a great – and quite elegant in fact – package, with great style.

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